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100th anniversary
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since 1919

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People's feet change, shoes that match the times

People's feet change with the passage of time and age.
As a shoe specialty store, we use our know-how to provide you with comfortable shoes at all times.


I want to convey Kobe shoes to everyone

"Kobe shoes" is a big industry in Kobe, so much so that Kobe was said to be "collapsed".
We still have various shoemaking techniques, equipment, and craftsmen, and we would like to continue to be a store that can contribute to shoemaking.

history ofMARUYA

As the oldest shoe store in Kobe

Received advice on shoe making from Eitaro Hirano, the owner of Kobe Shoes, the first store in Kobe,
The founder of Maruya, Okitsugu Katayama, founded Maruya Shoe Store in the Motomachi 6-chome shopping district in September 1919.
In 1923, he became the chairman of the cooperative association Motomachi shopping association.
In 1936, he became the 6th chairman of the Kobe City Shoe Dealers Association.
In 1965, he received the Hyogo Prefecture Industrial Achievement Award.
It contributed greatly to the Kobe shoe industry and shopping district promotion activities.


Searching for shoes that suit Japanese people

Kobe's shoes have evolved uniquely with new techniques and materials,
starting with custom-made, one-by-one hand-made shoes, and mechanical mass-produced chemical shoes.
Kobe shoes are based on wooden patterns that suit Japanese people, and we have the technology to propose shoes that match the times.

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